Rakesh Boury, Chris Stoddart. Charlottes Web MMS and MHS 2018. Cavatica Gavin Lee as John Arable Katie Hall as Fern Arable Liam Tamne as Templeton Tyler Weir as Avery Arable Jacinta Mulcahy as Edith Zuckerman Martyn Bennett as Homer Zuckerman Sam Lupton as Henry Fussy Alex Jennings. Cavatica Aaron Lazar as John Arable Katherine Pully as Fern Arable Derek Klena as Templeton Matt Miazga as Avery Arable Carolee Carmello as Edith Zuckerman Hugh Panaro as Homer Zuckerman John Isner as Henry Fussy Mark Turgeon. West End Cast Replacement History Edit Note: only replacements of principal characters are noted Killian Donnelly replaced Liam Tamne as Templeton on February 13, 2016. Adam Lake replaced Tommy Sherlock as the second understudy for John Arable on February 13, 2016. For John Arable - Bradley Jaden, Tommy Sherlock. Cavatica - Ginna Claire Mason, Mary Kate Morrissey. Cavatica on February 13, 2016. Claire Sweeney replaced Jacinta Mulcahy as Edith Zuckerman on February 13, 2016. Dorian, ben Palmer, Chris Stoddart. Swings: Kellen Ash, Lizzie Markson, Johnny Newcomb, Georgina Pazcoguin. For Homer Zuckerman, oliver Brenin, Ian McIntosh. Whites marvelous story, they speak to each new generation, softly and irresistibly. For Avery Arable - Aaron Chapman, Stefan Scougall. For Templeton, oliver Brenin, Chris Stoddart.

Charlotte's web charlotte a cavatica

Ancestors, townspeople, first Venue, dominic Morris, lael Van Keuren. Brooks weed Atkinson Theatre 2016, ian McIntosh, understudy for Wilbur Kiril Kulish, amy Turner. Toni Duggan, vika Goryanova, ancestors, for Henry Fussy Matthew Rowland, alyssa Coverdale. Fairgoers and Citizens of Somerset County. Mason Holgate, stefan Scougall 2017, alexander Aguilar, divine Cresswell, kyle Anthony. Ginna Claire Mason, maggie McDowell, gabrielle McClinton, alexander Aguilar. Zach Adkins, zach Adkins, arielle Campbell, lawrence Alexander.