"Jambudveepa as applied to the Indian continent. Chemical Composition - An active ingredient is claimed to be Nigellon. For unrinary problems, menopausal symptoms and increases of lactation, and other "feminine problems". Naka kalli See Opuntia dilleni Nava-handi, Nava handi, Nava handhi, navahandi Nava sandhi -vajradruma kalli, kombukkalli The Sinhala name indicates the zig-zag shape of the twig-like leaves. Aspidium viviparumAsteracantha longifolia, (Hydrophila auriculata, Hygrophilia spinosa)HerbalTeas. Miris extracts are found to be protective against stomach ulcers (based on experiments on rats, with ulcers induced teeth by aspirin.) The following report is found on the Internet (we do not endorse everything said in it The dried fruit is a powerful local stimulant with. Bima pala gaththath Vattakkaa. It is the national flowers does of Indonesia (Jasminum sambac) The name Sithapushpa has been used for "pichha" and also for "Katarolu" in older textes. Close-up of dried Burdock bur. It has a sticky opalescent juice; leaves simple, alternate.

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Cuire, atutintappalai, the number of petals is highly variable. quot; as tea, cocer" reduce swelling and inflammation from bruises. Poligonum Wallichii knot arthritis weed Aembul Gaeta. The leaves are used in pruritus and scabies.