but the Moon Rocks isnt. Good luck and stay spacey! Tweezers, a small dropper or brush. But they are rare and something to get excited about. Though Moon Rocks are commonly made with GSC flower and/or GSC concentrate, you can dog really make your own Moon Rocks however youd like. If its super thick hemp and tough to manipulate, heat it up until its a little liquidy, then use a dropper that will allow you to completely cover your bud without having to actually dip it into the concentrate. Dont get caught off guard. Tweezers, what you need to pick up your oil-soaked buds. Just because they smoke the same does not mean they have the same effects. While Kurupts Moonrocks are made from the strain Girl Scout Cookies, any type of dense nug can be used to make these at home.

How to make hash oil for moon rocks

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