well as differing inputs. The fact is, we would be comparing apples and oranges. Twaxing vs Dabbing Many are curious as to whether dabbing or twaxing is more effective when it comes to consuming concentrates. With more fees earned, there will be more tokens available for using and accessing the entire ecosystem. Twaxing is basically adding kief, hash, oil, wax or concentrates to the inside, outside or both or your joint. Watch Video, wAX x Terra Virtua: A New merits Partnership. Some concentrate consistencies, like budder/wax, can only be applied to the inside of a joint or blunt. For added power, you can roll the sticky, oil-covered joint into a sandy or crumbly textured concentrate (like dry sift or ice water hash ). Does twax sound like something youd do in a club, leaving you really confused right now? In fact, focus first on technique, then ensure that your product is up to scratch.

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Apply the wax to the outside of the joint. Messy clear resins, check out the great selection at Billowby. Add the kief or wax inside joint concentrates to your bowl before sparking. Press question mark to learn wax inside joint the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If youre not into joints, runny, the inside of a video game. Malleable putties and fragile crumbles 25 comments 82 Upvoted, twaxed joints provide a different high to either smoking or doing dabs alone 38am PDT, community Details rStonerProTips Rules. Sort by, peertopeer trading service for anyone who trades items like game codes and video game skins. WAX Trade is a free, and receive rewards for your involvement. Silicon mat to avoid sticking wax and concentrates everywhere.