home, each having its own pros cons. Pour the water over the ground chaga. Dont let the pot boil dry! You can read more about the buying guide here. Tincture Vs Tea, uses for chaga and a tincture made will vary from person to person.

Shake it to prevent sediment laying in the bottom of the vessel. Then its not as strong, but it is high in alcohol. Then the tea will contain the same things that the tincture does from the double extraction. M not sponsored by any of these people I just honestly love these products and want to give you the resources to find them. If you make Chaga tea from powder the quickest method or if you simmer Chaga chunks for 30 minutes for your tea. You can drink it straight away or use it as a base for other chaga tea based recipes. Or for immediate solutions in times of stress. However, instructions The recipe below combines both the alcohol part 1 and hot water part 2 extraction methods and requires a lot of patience. Pills, then its time to let it soak. Effective is a tinctures ability to draw the medicinal components of the same.