number of impurities, the drug can obstruct blood vessels that are crucial for the brain, liver, lungs and kidneys. Best legal Stimulants Ephedra sinica It has been traditionally used in the Chinese culture since 6000 years. Up to two years in prison or an unlimited fine or both. But, these are not the best. We have the selected content for you, but just remember that the doses you use play a significant role. As well as Tobacco. ( Full Answer ) so the government can make money for sending you to jail PS this IS NOT professional advise (no, the government spends tons of money keeping people in jail) because they make you do things you normally wouldn't do, and make you. Many of the "drug problems" associated with illegal use of drugs are due to the fact that people with mental illness are self medicating because our society doesn't provide them with proper physical and psychiatric care. If you see some unexpected changes in your body after consuming the drug, immediately consult your doctor. Examples: aspirin, Tylenol, penicillin, Adderall, synthetic hormones, Oxycontin, chemotherapy. The lists are available online and you can cross check your drug and check whether it comes under legal category or illegal category. Hallucinogens: Also referred to as psychedelic drugs, hallucinogens create a range of perceptual distortion and various psychological symptoms.

Betel, these drugs take control of the mood swings in a person. Psychoactive Legal drugs or Hallucinogens, mdma Ecatasy LSD, just bare romantic seafood restaurants in new orleans in mind although these are legal they are also untested. Answer heres a list of many drugs some are legal ketaminespecial k cat tranquilizer Marijuanaweed Heroincainecrack extremly addictive Salvia Ecstasy Mushroomsshroomsmexican dried mushrooms. It is the commonly chewed nut in Asia. This classification of drugs is extremely addictive. Diethyl ether is a solvent which is used in the medical world as anaesthesia and other things. MDA, some define drugs as the chemicals which alter the way a persons body functions. Hashish, cI drugs are drugs that are illegal.