the right side of your neck tilts your head to your right. They assist the SCM in turning and tilting both the head and neck. Muscle Functions: Sternocleidomastoid, origin insertion, functions, and exercises for the Sternocleidomastoid muscle. It may also help you out with other issues like neck pain and perhaps headaches., follow me on Pinterest: m/fitnessoriented follow me on Twitter m/FitnessOriented, follow me on Google: m/FitnessOriented, background Music From: Corporation Motivation by Audionautix is licensed under a sternocleidomastoid muscle exercises Creative Commons Attribution license. However, due to the poor posture that many of us go into each day, this muscle can get very stiff. When just one SCM muscle contracts, it tilts your head to the same side (called the ipsilateral side) to which the muscle is located. Anterior Neck Flexor Muscles. Origin: Medial clavicle and manubrium. When both SCM muscles contract, the result is a neck extension movement that takes place at your first intervertebral joint. Sternocleidomastoid Function, in part, the neck movements produced by the sterocleiomastoid vary depending on whether one or both of the SCM muscles are working. SCM Length Test/Stretch, sCM Length Test/Stretch Purpose of Skill: To assess/increase muscle length of the sternocleidomastoid. In this case, it lifts up of the manubrium, which is another name for the breastbone. In contrast, to the lats, the SCM only attaches to bones, and to a total of just four bones, at that. For example, when you rotate or turn your head to the right, your left SCM is contracting. This muscle is usually quite easy to see. Then you may be able to stretch it, provided it is painless to. You can also stretch your sternocleidomastoid. In this situation, the SCM also turns the face upward just a little, adding in a bit of neck extension. That is where the SCM attaches to the mastoid bone.

The skull, neck massage can help with neck pain. Take the hand on the side you are stretching then center and bring it behind you. Again, the SCM itself is rarely painful.