14-day period. Patients (or a licensed caregiver) are also required to register with one dispensary, and may not purchase from other dispensaries. I think this next week is going to be very telling he said. Your best bet is to contact a criminal defense attorney with a track record of success defending these medical types of cases. See our FAQ page or types send us your questions at email protected. This also includes buildings and property owned in any part by the government. Click here for the Medical Cannabis Dispensary Selection Form. This more or less limits use to private homes. "One criticism was that Illinois' law doesnt allow for home cultivation Nagib said. Anyone caught possessing recreational marijuana (2.5 grams or less) faces a misdemeanor charge with up to 30 days of jail time and up to 1,500 in fines. . Medical marijuana has been legal in Illinois for more than 365 days, but the number of patients that have actually been able to get relief from the drug remains a big fat zero. Interstitial Cystitis, myasthenia Gravis, hydrocephalus nail-patella syndrome or residual limb pain; or the treatment of these conditions. Carrying marijuana across state lines violates federal law. The recently approved measure makes possession for up to 10 grams a civil violation with a fine of 100-200, with no arrest and no criminal record, instead of the current possible six months of jail time and potentially up to 1,500 in fines.

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If they want to change their designated dispensary. Medical marijuana will not just benefit patients. Work with your physician in identifying the appropriate course of treatment. If you have been arrested for a marijuanarelated crime in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Public Health idph embarked upon a Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. He then transitioned to criminal defense and currently is a 50 mg edible alot devotes his practice exclusively to protecting the rights of those accused of crime. Except for Veterans receiving care at a VA facility.