those before straining. Post Extras: why do shrooms produce psilocybin? I think I will let it go a whole week just to be sure. Siekadellyk Look at the corruption! My review of the company is here. Strain, Press, Decant, Store, be sure to strain and press the fluid out of the marc very well once the decoction is cooled and the tincture is ready. If purchasing whole reishi mushrooms, you'll need to break them into the smallest pieces possible. Post Extras: Shea25 Just some guy Registered: 01/27/09 Posts: 7,772 Loc: Westcoast Canada Re: I'm making tincture a shroom tincture. You may need to do some measuring before you boil the water to make sure you have enough. Buhner (2012) recommends a half-hour decoction, while other herbalists suggest everything from 45 minutes (Green, 2000 several days of slow-cooking in the crock pot to whatever length of time it takes a slow boil to reduce the menstruum (liquid) by half. 5 Steps To A Medicinal Mushroom Double-Extraction Tincture. It's easy mushroom to add these molecules to your organic tincture: Take the alcohol-soaked reishi pieces/powder that are left over after straining and put them in a pot.

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