family, genus and species. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis that could potentially help some people with pain relief, Business Insider previously reported. Big Sky Scientific the Colorado-based company who the supply belongs to, said the substance is actually hemp, which is legal. While this is the easiest way to explain it, research has shown that the differentiation between hemp and marijuana goes much deeper, and their traditional names are not necessarily indicative of the true genetic makeup of these plants. CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid, and its interaction with receptors in the central nervous system and immune system can offer medicinal benefits, making hemp-CBD concentrates popular ingredients. There are four states that still consider hemp-derived CBD products illegal though: Idaho, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska, according to the National Conference of State Legislature's website. It's differences in their chemical composition that really set them apart, though. Division Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants class Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledons subclass Hamamelididae. The officer's tests found traces of THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, in the supply and arrested Palamarchuck on charges of transporting marijuana, according to CNN. Modern researchers have determined what ancient civilizations already knew that hemp fiber is durable and extremely strong. The petrochemical and textile industries realized they had a lot to lose monetarily if hemp came into widespread production, and thus the corporate elite set into motion a literal smokescreen of lies to bulldoze the public opinion into outlawing this productive plant in its entirety. Hemp, for instance, has been used to make clothing, supplements, and even food, like hemp milk, according to Joseph. Besides coming from the same plant, hemp and marijuana have very little in common. Hemp refers to the sterilized seeds, stems, stalks and roots. The cannabis plant can offer so much to the world in its varying forms. Canada's recreational market only opened last October, so it's too early to know exactly how much of those black-market sales will migrate to legal shops selling products made by Canopy Growth and its competitors. To understand the differences between these terms, first lets go through a brief biology lesson. Unfortunately, marijuana has come to be the all-in-one term for the cannabis plant and all of its useful parts. Hemp comes from cannabis plants with less than.3 percent THC. Hemp's rapid growth and strong fibers made it ideal for crafting durable rope, clothing, sail, and paper. Concentrations of THC are largely dependent on how it is ingested as well. That's a heady forecast, but even if the CBD market only grows to a few billion dollars annually, it would still be a big tailwind for marijuana stocks, including Canopy Growth. Thomson Reuters, hemp, however, is now legal nationwide thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill. After receiving a license to process hemp in New York state, Canopy Growth plans to invest up to 150 million there on a hemp-focused industrial park where it can develop products containing hemp-derived CBD. Marijuana's most common cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the chemical cannabinoid associated with the plant's psychoactive effect. Everything known living thing is categorized in the primary biological taxonomy of the same name.

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