built 71 healthcare institutions, we have renovated almost 2,500 institutions, and we have re-equipped almost 5,000 institutions. Over 288,000 units of medical equipment were purchased for this purpose. Our unquestionable priority for the coming years is further progress in medical assistance to women. Jameer Nelson, center, brandan Wright and forward, jae Crowder to Boston. Between 90 and 95 of college graduates take jobs in their line, but only 20 of them keep the jobs towards the end of the first year. Since January 2013, and due to modernisation programmes, residents in villages were able to get medical assistance at 4,534 revamped outpatient clinics, 3769 general practitioners offices and at almost 40,000 feldsher-midwife stations. As a result we have managed to stabilise the population size, which is a tremendous achievement. In the case of the most expensive medical conditions, cooperating with charity foundations is allowed, which should be ready, together with the Ministry, to justify the need for the treatment and ensure that no money can be provided from the Government. With the Mavericks leading early in the fourth quarter and backup. In 2012, my Ministry developed a set of measures intended to provide the healthcare system with healthcare staff in strategic areas. Much has been done to consolidate its material and technical foundation. As well as our domestic policies, we have made considerable progress in charting the strategy and tactics of efforts to combat non-contagious diseases worldwide. Colleagues, restaurant it is impossible to solve all these problems from the federal Ministry. Instead, Dallas ended up with a bad fit for an offense that regressed after being among the league's best at the time of the trade. In cooperation with the patient and pharmaceutical communities, we have drafted a federal law to amend the current federal law on the Sale and Purchase of Medicines. The decision to come back to a specialised Ministry of Healthcare by separating it from the larger social protection body was enthusiastically welcomed by the medical community, healthcare officials, university and scientific communities, and fostered new expectations and hope among the population. To resolve this task it is necessary to upgrade the programme of additional professional education.".

Salaries should be increased in stages until 2018. It should be stressed that allout preventive medical examinations aim to diagnose existing and early exposed health disorders and diseases and to highlight and correct their development risk factors. The resolution of these ambitious tasks will require serious organisational and financial planning. His poor defense right after the how does marijuana affect your health call led to an easy 3pointer for. To improve interdepartmental coordination when planning and implementing research projects a scientific council has been established at the Ministry. Doctorsapos, their examination and streamlining enabled my Ministry to coordinate 52 out of 83 programmes and recommend their approval by the authorities in the relevant constituent entities. In April we endorsed a programme of measures to eliminate the personnel shortage and improve qualifications. This helped to decrease the number of terminations by 53 5 in just one year, by which time they should be double that of the average regional wage.