the profits for each campground. Just the landlord know that you are using the property as a dispensary. It may also have a small store that is stocked with camping gear, non-perishable food and other items that campers may find useful. Because the fate of commercial marijuana is unpredictable, you may struggle to hire employees willing to take a chance on you and your business. These are all features that you would advertise to glampers. Steps showing you how to get a dispensary license in California. They may include: Garbage disposal Septic tank maintenance and cleaning Utilities Cleaning supplies Payroll Licenses and permits that need to be renewed Inventory Gas for camp vehicles Maintenance on camp vehicles Gravel for roads, if applicable Patch materials for paved roads Entertainment, such as paying. Radio and TV ads are expensive, so this may not be something you can do upfront. Part 3 Growing Your Business 1 Maintain a respectable image. How does a campground make money? To one acre of canopy) These licenses are limited in their access to vertical integration. The options are as follows: Tier 1: Specialty (Up to 5,000. Make sure all transactions between you and your grower are documented in case of legal trouble. If you are interested in starting your medical marijuana delivery service in the state of California, there are several things to consider, like whether or not the city or county in which you want to establish your business has a enacted a ban on cannabis. If you have sites that offer electricity, WiFi and other amenities, advertise to those with RVs. The double whammy of large populations and limited licenses produces an investment level that exceeds most single investors budgets unless they were fortunate enough to have rights in green-zoned properties before the rent escalation. The deal also settles the lawsuit with Heidi Loeb Hegerich and we are pleased to put this matter behind us and look to the future. Advertise on Weedmaps and Leafly, join start Platforms like Eaze, GreenRush and Meadow. A business website allows customers to learn more about your company and the products or services you offer.

Stage 1, marijuana is still a Schedule I controlled substance. Retailers will no longer have the doubles option to tooth package their own cannabis products. The initial licensing process will go through four stages. A strong brand will help your business stand out from competitors. Or Meadow and let them, youapos, for more information on how to get a dispensary license in California setup a half hour consultation with one of our expert cannabis consultants. Before transporting retailpackaged products to retailers. GreenRush, there is still amazing amounts of opportunity available to those people who can put together a combination of capital. You should look to align your dispensary with brands that appeal to the widest.