it into an image that you would recognize the energy. They dont have hair. Fertility sites Aboriginal women would go to fertility sites to enhance their ability to become pregnant. They formed the Evans River as they fought, and the Headland was formed by them (Heron, 1996). Back, image gallery, each link opens a larger version of the image. The information carved into the tree is sacred and as such no further information on carved tree locations can be supplied.

When the people wanted more food or sydney rain or any other substance which they lacked. David also had a pet invention of perpetual motion. Another Dreamtime story explains the significance of Nimbin Rocks and valerian how its name was derived. They may be either natural formations or modified by humans. But it hasnt been proved yet. The word for Titree was jalgumbun. The young man retaliated by drowning his uncle in the river Steele. Which is a great shame, some anthropologists have done work in looking for a connection with Australia and the Hopi Indians. Occurring as a result of previous occupation or from natural processes.