adding a whole lot of flavoring. Most manufacturers offer a limited variety of e-juice flavors, but at Mig Vapor, in addition to our delightful range of e-liquids, you can also create your own unique flavors by mixing different flavors using. We pride ourselves in providing the cheapest e-liquid online, without compromising on quality. We have an extensive range of flavours and strengths to cater for all vapers needs including zero nicotine. We cant really speak for other companies, and its possible that there are e-juices out there that contain harmful chemicalsbut we believe in keeping our customers safe and healthy. Along with PG and VG, the other main ingredient of any e-liquid is flavor. 50/50 offers a balanced vape experience of flavor, vapor, and throat hit. 100 VG blends usually need water to thin them down, which dilutes the flavor even more! He intends to do so when congress comes back in session next. First of all, nicotine in vapes doesnt come with all the unhealthy side effects of a standard nicotine cigarette. Mig Vapor is a company founded by former smokers, so we know the vape flavors that are guaranteed to spark your imagination. As the question may have been answered.

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