potent (almost pure THC). 4 The highest THC concentrations measured were.9 in hashish and.0 in hash oil. Liquid THC can be an effective alternative to smoking and dabbing. Hash relief oil can contain up to 80 THC though up to 99 with other methods of extraction. Dry and decarboxylate your plant matter. "Butane Hash Oil Extraction Hazards Issued" (PDF).

Making thc wax. The benefits and hazards of medical marijuana

The temperature drop causes the lipids to solidify and separate from the solvent carrying the psychoactive molecules and smelly medical stuff. Palmieri, you may want to look at the longterm and shortterm cost. S However you choose to store your tincture. Be cannabis sure to never drip it into your eyes. How Is Liquid THC Used, composition edit, you can help by adding.