placards to hash tags, Where is Amarildo? Direct message (DM Short for direct message, it is the function of the Twitter service that enables you to send a private message (direct message) to a person you are following. 2 tIL - today I learnt. Twitter-ific: Short for "Twitter" and "terrific". Twitter Abbreviations: F F2F: An acronym used on Twitter that means "face to face." fab: A shortened version of fabulous; frequently used on Twitter. When you tweet a FF message, you are recommending that your hash followers also check out the people you mention in your post. Review, recall, reminisce, recollect, remember. Yoyo: An acronym that stands for "youre on your own" that is often used on Twitter. The landlady admitted that a souffle was something not unlike a hash. Cre8: Often seen on Twitter, it means "create." cuttweet: Sometimes simply known as "CT this slang term refers to a retweet that is a shortened version of the original. Settle someone's hash, Informal. Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun hash : hashhashish, for on this page: Definition of the noun hash, what does hash mean as a name of something? Crank tweet: Similar to a "crank phone call it is a misleading tweet. Fomo: An acronym used for the saying fear of missing out, which is used when you feel like you are not going to be included in a social event. It is a "daily vitamin" for Twitterers. It is usually smoked in ajoint or spliff; it is also eaten in cakes. Tweetsult: Slang for an insult sent using Twitter. Follower / following: On Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites, a follower is someone who subscribes to receives your updates. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Twitter Abbreviations: H hand: An acronym often used on Twitter, it stands for have a nice day. Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Small numbers of cannabis smokers are now believed to take it with heroin. Twitterphoria: Slang term describing the feelings of elation one experiences when they add someone as a friend and the person adds them in return. Twaffic: Slang term used to mean "Twitter traffic." Twalking: Slang term used to describe someone who is walking while they tweet, using a mobile device. Indian hemp source.g. SP: Means "Sponsored." The user is indicating that they are being paid for the post or for click on the link contained in the post. Twitter Abbreviations: I IC: Often used on Twitter, it is the shorthand version for I see. Read more, whats for Sale in Pot Shops? Others make hash, hash oil, and specialty bud with more than 25 percent THC.

The name is derived from the tetracaine eye drops otc French verb hacher. Slang term used to describe the situation in which a user introduces one follower to another. The unsupported, tweeter, emai" social networking site, slang term that refers to the use of Twitter to circulate news and information. It is a combination of the words" It is the phrase used to describe any application that integrates with the twitter service.