begun to sour. 11 Similar groups advocating for legalization formed across the country in the ensuing years. Sperling donated 70,000 to support marijuana law reform in Oregon, 105 and Zimmer contributed 20,000 to advocate for marijuana decriminalization in California. A b "Marijuana policy and prevalence". George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager that has spent over 25 million on marijuana reform efforts. 62 140 In 1973, a report by the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse entitled "Marijuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding" found marijuana does not cause violent or aggressive behavior, but rather "marijuana was usually marijuana found to inhibit the expression of aggressive impulses by pacifying. Felson, Jacob; Adamczyk, Amy; Thomas, Christopher (2018). "The Netherlands Compared With The United States". "Missouri Becomes 19th State To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession". It is hardly a revelation that people who use one of the least popular drugs are likely to use the more popular ones not only marijuana, but also alcohol and tobacco cigarettes. Smoke a Joint, Lose License' Law in Effect".

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