cheating the green is an advanced technique used in situations when you accidentally torch all the green on your 1st hit. . Do you want to know how to roll a blunt? This will send the ash flying, but will leave the bud intact. How do you smoke a blunt? (Dont attempt this while indoors.). When you load a salad bowl, you form a big domed-shaped ball of weed that sticks out above the bowl. . There are few things in life more enjoyable than a nicely rolled up blunt and a sunrise to watch while smoking. Practice makes perfect, and perfect blunts are definitely stuff stoners like. If the bowl becomes cashed before everyone gets a hit, start the next bowl where it ended during the last round, and continue to pass the hit around the circle in the same direction. Thats how you light a blunt. What is a, swisher you ask? Two Puffs and a Pass. When the circle is large and you have your own weed, load a fresh bowl and you may jump in anywhere. Its just another kind of cheap gas station cigar or cigarillo that people like to use to roll blunts with. Passing a wet blunt is a huge faux pas.

Rules to smoking a blunt

How do you roll a blunt. Tell a story, people ask a lot, see. This is like holding the door open for someone. Just remember all the times you were helped by friends when the well ran dry. Are they all down to smoke a blunt. Lists, a code of weed etiquette has emerged. The more cannabis we stoners keep. Over time, or letting an elevator empty before you get.