repeal such laws, but as of 2018 seven complying states still remained. "State Medical Marijuana Laws: Understanding the Laws and Their Limitations" (PDF). Gattone, Philip.; Lammert, Warreb (February 20 2014). John Kerry and Ted Kennedy in April 2009. UC Santa Cruz Electronic Theses and Dissertations. "Dutch drug policies do not increase marijuana use, first rigorous comparative study finds". Bush escalated efforts to enforce federal law during his 8 years in office, with more than 260 raids conducted and 84 individuals prosecuted by his administration. Sarvet, Aaron.; Wall, Melanie.; Fink, David.; Greene, Emily; Le, Aline; Boustead, Anne.; Pacula, Rosalie Liccardo; Keyes, Katherine.; Cerdá, Magdalena (2018). In 1990, Alaska voters approved a ballot initiative to recriminalize cannabis, overriding the court decision that legalized cannabis 15 years earlier. "Legalized Marijuana Could Help Curb the Opioid Epidemic, Study Finds". "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?" - Summary of Positions". Back to top New Hampshire Just a little ways up the road from Rhode Island and a neighbor to Maine, New Hampshire is another New England haven that respects out-of-state medical cannabis recommendations. Was sparked by the 1964 arrest of Lowell Eggemeier, a San Francisco man who walked into the city's Hall of Justice and lit up a joint, requesting to be arrested. "Senators File Marijuana Bill Following Trump Pledge To Respect State Legalization". Aiken, Joshua (December 12, states for medical cannabis 2016). " Medical Use Introduction" (PDF norml, May 23, 2011 Young, Francis. Cole in June 2011.

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